Friday, July 22, 2011

not a farmer

Last week the kids and I took the day off to go with my parents to Farm Technology Days. While we are not farmers... we do live next to a field where they grow some stuff...

I wasn't too excited to go but I remember having a pretty good time going when I was younger and thought the kids would enjoy it too. I was a little worried because the forecast was for rain the ENTIRE day but it turned out very nice. We endured some slight sprinkling but I'd take that over the sun beating down on us as we walked through all the booths.

The kids had a blast in the youth tent and I think we spent at least an hour there. The goat was a big hit ;) Peyton climbed up into every single tractor he passed. I think I made it through approximately 2 whole rows in that whole place because of this. Oh well... the food was good and we had a pretty nice time. No melt downs. No pouring rain. No lost children. Score!

working hard...
Tayt picked me a flower... why I love boys ;)
random adorable cowboy

possible future investment... they locked ;)
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