Wednesday, May 11, 2011

technology cleaning

While attempting to stick to my New Year's resolutions yet again (these attempts come in very short, quick bursts... beware), I've done a couple things lately... I continue to read daily (most of the time), a couple weeks ago I emptied my inbox, and at the moment I'm reading through and documenting some of the notes left on my phone from the kids.

Now... I know these things do not seem very significant, by all means, buttttt my inbox contained over 523 emails (I believe) before I started this task so this alone took many days and an enormous amount of effort. How embarrassing?! FIVE HUNDRED emails... quite ridiculous... what kind of crazy person keeps FIVE HUNDRED emails... me... BUTTTT I am now pleased to report I have kept only 5 emails in my inbox daily for the last almost 2 weeks. Pat on the back for Courtney.

And now here are some of the notes I found on my phone...

August 20, 2010  11:56 a.m.
You are awsome Mom did you know that? You are the best Mom ever!!! you work so we get food.

September 13, 2010  5:46 a.m.
All about Duke!!
*Duke is the BEST DOG ever! (he chooses our stuff up)
*he sleeps with Peyton
I'm positive she meant "he CHEWS our stuff up"... rotten dog.

September 19, 2010  12:01 p.m.
I want to play football it looks fun! (but you git hurt when you play football)
*if you play football you have to way more than 50 pounds.
*if you want to play football you have to be 8.
*play football, if you don't I'm going to beat you up!!!!

After reading through these, I know without a doubt they were Lia. And I'm awesome :)
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