Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mr & Mrs festivities

I feel as though this marks the official beginning of Casey and Jake's wedding. The Shower. Saturday we had a wonderful time with lots of fabulous ladies. It was even better because I didn't have much to do ;) I wrote on some chalkboards, got prettied up, and graced everyone with skinny jeans and Aldo boots... yikes. Mom of SIX in skinny jeans... not something I want to happen all too often but it happened. Anyway... we had a great time and it only reminded me that we need to have more wine nights!

Here's to a smooth train of events to follow in the next...121 days... yes, I keep track. That's my job... sorta... ONE of my jobs ;)

(I took the top photos down until the flowers and then the one of Nash near the bottom...
someone else snagged my camera somewhere in there... Mallory! ... get it... snag... snagged... snaggle) ;)

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