Monday, January 31, 2011

r.a.b. - remember Alex Brown

Last night before bed the kids and I sat down and watched part of an episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition. I'm a sucker for these shows for a couple reasons... 1) I absolutely LOVE everything about building a new home; and 2) the stories usually make me tear up.

At the start of last nights show I didn't expect to be touched as much as I was. The stories are usually extreme... things I pray never happen to my family or any families I know. Last nights show opened my eyes.

I'm an EMT here in our hometown. Every year our ambulance and fire departments help out the local high school and create the scene of an accident for high school juniors and seniors... kind of an eye opener. This last summer I participated and the scene was that of a student texting while driving. This is supposed to be an eye opener for the students and I now feel guilty having participated when I'm guilty myself of texting while driving. Well, after watching the Extreme Makeover Home Edition last night, I will no longer be texting while driving. I'm making the pledge. And I hope everyone who reads this does the same.

For more information, visit their website here. Very touching story.

** IDEA - if you check out the remember alex brown page on Facebook listed under their info section, they send you a package of these neat thumb bands (like all those rubber type bracelets everywhere) to keep you focused on NOT texting while driving for donations of at least $25. Anyone interested in pitching in a few dollars let me know.
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