Monday, January 10, 2011

deceivingly adorable

This child may have the most squeezable, kissable cheeks everrrr but he is truly The Beast. I am not even exaggerating! He might be the one and only reason I couldn't get anything done as a stay-at-home mom. I think he believes God's purpose for him is to destroy. Everything. Just the other day we spent the entire morning tidying up but I'm not sure any visitors could tell I actually did anything besides light a candle before they walked through the front door and kick shoes around to make a path in.
First, I caught him in the garbage. And when I say "in," I mean IN! The bag was on the kitchen floor waiting for more garbage and apparently Nash didn't agree with me about throwing out the Risk pieces lacking a board... He was in the bag retrieving them. And retrieving them from his death grip is nothing unlike wrestling a stinky, buttered piglet. Even the squealing is the same!
Usually lunch and supper are the times I enjoy because I can strap him in and know nothing will be destroyed because of his containment. This particular day he filled his shirt with bits of hot dog. I'm surprised he didn't feed them to the dog.
Most of the madness that he gets into happens when I'm sitting down to nurse Drew. Granted, I've nursed many a baby in my day so I have NO problem launching myself, baby in tow, off the recliner or couch to retrieve him from death or the frig but on this particular day all I could do was watch from the recliner as The Beast launched marker after marker AFTER MARKER over the upstairs banister. He thought he was HILARIOUS! Beast.

Use your better judgement and think twice before trying to indulge in a kiss of these cheeks...

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