Wednesday, February 9, 2011

4-year-old 101: Man vs. Dad

Not unlike any other day in this house, I folded clothes this morning while Tayt asked 1,452 questions and Nash climbed on the television on the floor in our bedroom. The kid likes head trauma. After what seemed like Tayt's 1,338th question, I couldn't take it any more. I started to get a little annoyed and then God must have stepped in and I prayed for those children who couldn't speak at all, those parents who couldn't hear, and that I wasn't either of those. Instead of telling Tayt to go away or shut it, I started asking him questions... in hopes of deterring his string of questioning. First I asked if he had to go to school this fall because I was going to miss him. His reply to this was to roll his eyes. This may or may not have been the 1,452nd time I've asked him. Both he and Nash were playing with phones so I'm guessing the following conversation stemmed from that...

T "Mom, dad used to have a phone like this."

"Oh yeah..."

T "He doesn't any more. He was a man then."

"He was a man when he had a flip phone?"

T "Yeah. He used to be a man." 

"What is he now that he isn't a man?" (in all the seriousness I could muster up)

... concentration pause ...

T "a Dad."
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