Monday, January 17, 2011

and then there may have been some "progress"

After my bold revealing of resolutions for 2011, I had some strong consideration of these resolutions/goals/ambitions again and... I quit.



Nah... I can do it, and I honestly appreciate all the accolades, kind words of encouragement, and even some of the tips I've gotten in the last couple days! You guys are too kind!

Slowly and steadily surely I'm changing some things and a few things suggestions will be applied shortly. I'm excited about these changes and wanted to share a few things here, not to shed light on my progress, but to possibly help someone else out.

I was given a couple tips regarding my second resolution. I really like the idea behind both of these suggestions and that combined with my love for anything paper and/or writing utensil related and I mayyy end up with a couple things in my cart after my outing to the local grocery store this afternoon. Anyhow...

First suggestion - carry a small notebook everywhere you go to write down anything you don't want to forget. Now... here's the thing. I have this wonderful phone that I love to use for everything so I'm still debating whether to actually use a notebook or use the notebook feature on my phone... still contemplating that one. Like I need an excuse to get another notebook.

Second suggestion - use a large desk calendar with coordinating colors for each child and their activities. I've actually tried this 'technique' in the past in my planner instead but now that I don't use a planner (my calendar/planner is on my phone now), I think reserving an area in my office and hanging a large desk calendar for the kids to see and help out with is a GREAT idea!

Also in the last few days, I've started my reading goal. So far, so good. This may be cheating but the first book I'm reading is from a blog I read almost daily. I very much enjoy the blog and the book is also an easy read... so... cheating? possibly... but I never said what types of books I needed to read. So there. :) Heather Armstrong is hilarious! You might enjoy her as well. Check out It Sucked and Then I Cried: How I Had a Baby, a Breakdown, and a Much Needed Margarita.
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