Monday, November 22, 2010

relaying of messages

I can only imagine the actual excitement of anyone working down at Smith Brothers Meats when they check the caller ID only to see it is Dave's wife, yet again... with this in mind, I still continue to call there regularly. I had forgotten Dave wasn't out butchering this week due to deer hunting and Thanksgiving so the second time I called there before 10:00 a.m., I hoped he would be able to come home on his lunch break to fix whatever was making the dishwasher lose all its contents on the kitchen floor. He was carrying out some meat so I told them he could call me back.

After an hour and a half of no returned phone call, I called again and left a message with Mallory (who has been working there for a couple weeks now during the low workload period of our transcription). They're crazy busy so it's no surprise he doesn't call me back. Immediately! I commented to Mallory WHAT IF I WAS IN LABOR!? I'm not. Less than 3 weeks though. She took my message. Dave should be getting something along the lines of... Go home at noon. Dishwasher needs fixin'. Water all over the kitchen floor. Not from your wife's vagina.

We shall see how this plays out... and thank you Mallory for relaying the importance of this message!

Update: Message was relayed. Dishwasher is still on the cahoots. Water is still intact. ;)
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