Wednesday, November 17, 2010

36 weeks

This week marks the 36th week of this pregnancy. I've been told they consider this point full term and a baby could make an appearance at any time. That said...I am no where near ready and very willing to wait another 4 weeks!

Nash and I ventured to the clinic yesterday for one of my now weekly weigh-ins wherein I treat myself afterwards to a grande caramel frappuccino. (Yes, I will tempt you again with this link.) I'm starting to like this routine, although I don't so much like the routine where I go to bed after 11pm. And no, the bedtime routine has nothing to do with the frappuccino :)

Our clinic outing yesterday yet again proved that life is always a learning experience. Nash and I learned some very important things in our time together...

* The phlebotomist will make you spell your last name for verification...regardless of the simplicity. S.M.I.T.H.

* Random women in restrooms feel it necessary to advise you that your toddler will grow up too fast. I appreciate the sincerity, but I also completely understand and pray daily that time will slow down a smidge so my 10 year old doesn't become a teenager so fast!

* The scale always lies. LIAR.

* Nash scowls at everyone. No matter what. Always. He's cute. But folks, he bites.

* Group B strep testing is super fun. (insert sarcasm)

* I am thoroughly convinced my doc would rather talk with Dave about his venison.

* Nash cannot hold an open bag of Skittles alone. No matter how much he protests. I saw this coming and still gave him the bag.

* The Starbucks gentleman thinks a scattered bag of Skittles is no big deal. Thank you friendly Starbucks gentleman!

* Bags of surprise gifts for kids should not be left on the front seat with trust that they won't peak. They peak.

I guess next week's appointment will include another trip to Starbucks and Target. (again, insert sarcasm)

I know you're all just waiting for this photo of the belly. Courtesy of Mom. Enjoy!

Nash playing with the covers for the stirrups ;)

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