Sunday, November 14, 2010

an Army man, a crayon, a princess, Spiderman, a penguin, a Packer player, and a dragon - oh my!

Now that it's snowing, I thought I would make myself more miserable and post these from Halloween as a reminder of how incredibly beautiful it was for trick-or-treating that afternoon. The kids had a great time. They're starting to get the point of running door to door... mom wants candy, so run. ;) Our candy drawer is finally dwindling down and mom is tired of candy now. And probably 5 pounds heavier... we'll blame it on the candy.

here is where it started to get out of hand...
Tayt refused to cross the road with the other kids

Jax the dragon

giving Luke the run down
special Braylon - he was only mildly confused

I think he missed this house

Tayt had enough

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