Monday, July 28, 2014


I'm going to go ahead and steal the hashtag #sweetsummertime idea from Casey and start some related blog posts. Mostly because she told me these photos shouldn't go to waste ;)

Our crazy neighbor up and moved away (huge pouty face) :( Thank the Lord she only moved a city away so she's now 4.5 miles away rather than 400 feet. Instead of walking over, now we have to get in our van to go visit... we're so lazy ;)  the kids love swimming in her pool and we love to visit. Downside: my garden needs weeding. daily. eek. let's not go there!  literally, don't go in there... it's a mess!

instead, here are some cute photos of Drew just swinggggging away at crazy neighbor's house, which I guess we'll just have to call her Crazy now ;)

confession: there may or may not have been a tiny meltdown because someone couldn't get themselves on the swing without some help. 
photos are nicer to see than her meltdown :|
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