Thursday, July 17, 2014

thankful holiday {on the beach}

Part 2 of our holiday weekend... better late than never ;) a lot of my photos just sit on my computer so I'm trying... really, I'm trying... trying to get better at this blog and using those photos.


These babies did pretty well at the beach. Will got a bittt too much sun... oops... first time mom. Der. Wait... it's not my first time. Oh well.

Austyn photobombing because she didn't realize I was trying to get Nash on the bucket. Turned out better than I planned ;)


Homer worked hard building something all afternoon.

almost, Meg. almost.

and then she discovered her back side...

Grandpa overseeing the hooligans

Dave and Will manning the beach.

Drew thought it was hilarious to try to splash me. and my camera. turd.

Dave, Will, Nash, Chris, and Johnathan manning the beach.

We all extremely enjoy the beach. 

Now come on summer and give us just a couple more days to do so ;)
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