Tuesday, July 15, 2014

thankful holiday weekend

There's just something about long weekends with lots of family time and warm weather and good food and time on the beach that makes me never want to come back to reality. Our 4th of July weekend was just plain a good ole time. I'm sure I'm just choosing to remember all the good, but then again, that's really all I want to remember any way... the good.

the youngest cousin, Johnathan, schnoozin

I should never walk by a $1 bubble wand without picking up 10 of them. The kids love them, play reasonably well for a reasonable amount of time... best $10 you'll ever spend :)

and then I made them pretend to like each other for a photo... which turned out awesome!

and then I told them they could make silly faces... Homer was looking for inspiration :)

We are *in love* with Rowdy's new teef. A month or so ago she had some (more than a couple... she's taking after her mother) cavities that needed to be filled which required sedation sssooo she came out of 'surgery' with these brand spankin new capped front teef that we've been calling hippo teeth... chiclets...beaver teeth... but she's SO darn cute (messy face and all!) :)

These ladies are pretty much the best. A weekend together wouldn't be complete without a sister photo :)

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