Tuesday, July 22, 2014

etsy Tuesday

As usual I'm way behind on my etsy posts. While I haven't been posting my likes, I have continued to add to my favorites folder and that's full to the max now.

We *love* spending time on the beach, and I think this would be wonderful to find some shade on the beach. Although I'm not sure if this would withstand a windy day. Very neat idea though!

Drew says this to Dave and I every time we exchange 'I love you!' one of my favorite things to accompany 3 year olds :)  
I think this would be a great addition to her room.

I may need to put in an order with my personal woodworker (aka: the best dad everrrrr). The kids love swinging :)

I'm not usually one for much 'bling,' but for whatever reason this caught my eye.

Wallpaper is making an amazing come back. This would look wonderful somewhere anyyyywhere in the house!

I have a slight large obsession with totes. I could have a million. I love the idea of throwing all my belongings in a big bag just floating around. I will have one. Someday!

I don't think my block-shaped postpartum body would pull this off, but something about it... I like. 

My lack of jewelry would fit perfectly on these :)
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