Tuesday, January 14, 2014

craving warmth {finally finishing Florida}

Ima-gonna go ahead right meow and let you know this is going to be a superrrrr longggg post. I forgot to finish our Florida vacation. :|  Honestly, I wish we were still there. Forever. I could maybe live there forever. BUT I'm saying that today after we received 10 inches (okay… maybe only 8 inches…) of snow!!! so here goes… enjoy!

A *lot* of our time was spent on the beach, just the way I wanted it. Some of our time was spent walking around St. Pete's. Some of our time was spent at the wedding. And some more of our time was spent on the beach. We had an amazing time. I wish we were there. Right now. Like… right now.
Saturday was sssooo hot. We met family for pizza. Then practically ran back to the beach.
We were all pretty excited to see a real life, free-range dolphin while we played at this park. Amazing! I was too far away to capture it on 'film,' but it was pretty neat regardless.

back to the beach :)

Sunday we attended mass at a beautiful church just a few miles from the hotel. So nice!

and then there was an amazing wedding!
she's happy, I promise ;)

then party time!

These guys were happy too. SO glad I got some sort of photo of my boys with my cousins. They're all beyond great. Wish we saw them more often!

sweaty beast sisters  :)
maybe I'm the only sweaty one… also, I want my tan back!

first dance

father-daughter dance :)

the longest goodbye hug in the history of hugs. for real, it was really long. ha!

and just like that, our Florida vacation was over. We packed up our hippos… and children… and we were on our way. Still can't believe it was over 6 months ago. Time, slow down!

Rowdy and Casey rode most of the way home positioned just like this… kidding!

I'm not sure which was worse… the bars on the doors or the 'souvenirs'…wrong turn, stop for gas and potty break, extremely fast! I usually don't, but I immediately asked all the kids when we got back in the van if they washed their hands  :|
 last stop for food before home… and it was a lllooonnnggg night!

2am alarm/border check/ticket… $140 later… ugh!

Florida, you were good to us. Kentucky, not so much ;)
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