Friday, January 10, 2014

a fresh start: 2014

a new year. a fresh start. but where to start. I was in an extremely foul mood the first few days of the new year so I haven't put much thought into new resolutions, goals, or otherwise. There are some things I want to continue working on, some things I want to start working on, and some things I maybe want to quit working on.

Continuing to work on myself is first and foremost. Typical critical self, there are endless amounts of self-ish things I'd like to concentrate on: reading, better care of myself, organization, etc, etc, etc…

One of my biggest, ongoing personal battles is forgiveness and moving on. Lots of things in life are out of my control. Lots of things in life I don't agree with. In an effort to simply let go and just focus on making myself better, the only thing I can think to do is participate in this. I'm *very* excited to do this. Ten days in and I'm creating a habit I love. I've read in numerous places that starting your day early to get a head start by reading and reflecting is the best thing ever. But I have a hard time waking way earlier than the kids. So I've been reading my daily reading before bed at night and following that up with some extra reading. The last couple years I've attempted to make the promise to myself that I would read more, and while I have done "more" reading, I wouldn't necessarily call myself someone who reads. SO this year, I'm determined. Determined I tell ya! ;) In case you're interested, I'm currently reading this book, which is now over 3 weeks overdue from the library… let my determination deflate now… BUT I'm nearing the end. I promise! ;)

Secondly, and possibly 'finally,' I want to continue to do better for our family. More quality time. Work harder at our finances (contribute more to that…somehow). Continue to simplify. Slow down. Organize more in hopes everything above will fall into place… so little time, so much to do. Yet all I want to do is simplify, slow down, and remember to appreciate everything we're blessed with every day.

so here's to an even better year than the last! wishing you all a healthy, happy new year :)
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