Sunday, October 27, 2013

week 18

baby Smith #8
due date: March 30 (probably before Casey)
weight gain: 16.5 pounds (unofficially/according to a meat scale)

Not too much exciting to report in the last 4 weeks. Busy adjusting to the weather change (and soon the time change), busy taking and editing photos, busy season at the meat shop, kids back in the swing of school... and on and on and onnnnn. I have a feeling my body is adjusting to the weather change as well  :/  (my back side apparently quicker than other parts... yowzas!) 

Next appointment isn't for a couple weeks so I don't have much new to report until then. Staying healthy I hope. According to my pregnancy tracker readings, I should start to feel movement soon... baby kicks... blows my mind every time! Always makes it more real when you can actually feeeeeel that you're really carrying a human being. Mind blowing.

I enjoy looking back through my pregnancy posts, but the closest I could find when I was pregnant with Meg was this post... oops! and this post from when I was pregnant with Drew... crazy! but oh how I love to reminisce :)

Thanks to Casey for making me get outside today and getting a photo. I like to take them, not be in them ;)
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