Friday, October 4, 2013

daily Smith fashion

I wish I remember when these photos were from. I'm going to guess almost a year ago... or maybe this spring... judging by the length of his hair, I'm going to say this was sometime in February or March 2013. We'll go with that. Regardless, it's been awhile since I've done a daily Smith fashion post so here goes... 

Tayt (6): 
Tee: because this was tossed, I'm guessing it was just something like this
Pants: hand-me-down cargos from Peyton that should be replaced with these (if I liked cargo pants)
Sneakers: birthday Jordan's from aunt Mallory & uncle Christopher (not sure those are the exact ones though, it was almost a year ago... and the plastic bottom is almost completely detached from the top, but that doesn't stop him from wearing them. daily.)

Recently this kid got a hair cut after I'm not sure how long. He's had his hair trimmed a couple/few times so he said we could do a cut. I apologize to our hairdresser, but the cut (which actually kind of looked like the cut above) lasted maybe 24 hours. Then Dave shaved his head because they didn't like it. I didn't mind it. But I sure do miss his long hair. EVEN if I cursed combing it in the morning when he hadn't showered. I'm sure the long hair will be back soon enough.

here's the before, during, and after...
he mayyyy have been close to donating to Locks of Love ;)

I think he liked his hair a little until he saw his dad's reaction. Then he wanted to be like dad. And so it was :) I've always known this kid was/is going to be a heartbreaker, and every smile proves it all over again. That dimple. Those eyesssss. My heart.  :)

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