Sunday, June 9, 2013

summer begins

Summer has officially begun. Hold up... Nash is *beyond* blonde in the photo below. Wowza! 

Anyway...I wanted to look back and see the kids at the beginning of their school year and compare to the end of the school year. So grateful we've been pretty healthy, no injuries, and had quite a smooth year. I love having them all home for the summer, and I'm going to try extra hard to keep them involved in the household chores. And then treat them extra special to keep them involved. Call it bribery if you want ;)
first day of school - September 2012

and just like that, they've aged almost an entire year... and I'm trying really hard to be more than okay with that :)

goofy bunch, I tell ya! (these are the four in school...yes, I am aware I have FOUR in school... eek!)
Peyton holding Homer (Casey's little guy). Nash. Tayt holding Meg (new addition since last year;) Lia holding Drew. and Austyn.
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