Tuesday, June 18, 2013

brand spankin new (almost)

both SOOC (straight out of camera) shots

My camera did a good number on me a few weeks back. I was at a family photo session (luckily with a friend...hopefully still a friend...haven't heard from her since...eeeeekkk!!!) and it wouldn't work. I couldn't get it do do ANYthing. I was/am still SO embarrassed. I couldn't get the lens off. I couldn't take a photo. The screen was dark. It was a mess. Knowing I have a wedding to shoot next weekend, I sent it in as fast as I could crossing my fingers it'd make it home in record time. Thankfully, she made it home in just over 3 weeks and is like brand new. I'm so impressed with Nikon's service and how quick they are! Of course right away I had to go outside and play with it. Now I need to catch up on the 52 of 2013 photos :)
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