Thursday, June 27, 2013

birthday surprise

Our favoritest most favorite neighbor of all times celebrated a very large birthday a couple weeks ago and of course, her daughters, sons, and most favorite nephew and niece-in-law threw her a surprise birthday party in the field. Food and bags and gifts included :)

Her most favorite part of the evening mayyyy have been the tilling of the garden. I think she was pretty excited about this ;)

sorry for the shortage of photos... forgot to take my camera

Because she is our most favorite neighbor and we decided to step it up a notch from last year's Rubbermaid gift, we made her some signs for the garden. And here's a little DIY for all those interested out there. Many thanks to my mom for cutting all the parts and putting them together. Really... I didn't do much ;)
inspiration photo via

I changed it up a bit so they were more durable. I used thicker boards and dowels. Black paint instead of chalkboard paint. And white paint markers instead of chalk markers. Figured it would just wash off in the rain so these should last... forever. :)

Materials used:
* 3 - 1x4x6 boards (link as close as I could find)
* screws
* white paint marker

I put 2 to 3 coats on just to make them nice and pertee. Worked slick!
Due to the current abundance of rain, we haven't been in the garden in a few days but when things start coming up and looking more... garden-y... I'll be sure to get some more photos of these signs in action!
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