Monday, May 27, 2013

etsy Sunday

I've been absolutely terrible keeping up with my blogging as of late. I've been doing reasonably well with laundry, keeping the house clean, trimming the lawn, etc, etc... and because of that, my blogging has taken a back burner. None of the kids are doing activities this summer, which I'm actually completely okay with, but I suspect our summer will be just as busy with bonfires, bags in the field, cook outs, gardening, relaxxxxxing... I'm very much looking forward to it!

In another attempt to catch up and keep up with my blogging, here are some of the goodies I've had saved in my etsy folder (which is quite beyond ridiculous now...oops!). Enjoy!


I would *love* to make this! Now to find a pattern for the thing... I have NO idea how to do this. I'm going to make an extreme guess here, but I think each of these triangles are made separate and then knit/sewn together... knit friend? help me out. throw me a bone here... ;)

I have a 25$ gift card for etsy just waiting for me to decide what I need to get. For some reason I'm leaning toward a piece of jewelry or another bag. As if I need another go-to bag and I never change my necklace... but that's what's catching my eye right now. And maybe not necessarily this particular piece but I like it nonetheless.

We have a wedding coming up in Florida, but I think this would be more appropriate for running around instead of ceremony attire... maybe... I'm no good at this dressing girly stuff. Ugh!

Dave has always wanted to vacation in Hawaii. I guesssssss we can do that some day ;) but this would be fun to put in our entryway. Accent my crazy green walls ;)

There ya go. A post. 

Next goal: read the Bible. Kidding! Not really... it's on the list. Honest. 

Next goal on the blog list: Smith daily fashion post. Keep an eye out for it ;)
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