Tuesday, May 14, 2013

crazy day part 02: first communion

This hectic Saturday almost 3 weeks ago was pretty darn special. Tayt being miniature prom king and Austyn receiving her First Communion. Austyn loves dresses in any size, shape, or form so she was pretty tickled to wear Lia's handmade dress. (no, I did not make it. a friend of ours had her mother make it. and we love it!) And she also was able to wear my Mom's wedding veil (courtesy of Casey). She really looked so nice!

Lia sang in the choir (bottom left, right by the organ)

Peyton helped serve

daddy's girl
Mass for First Communion began at 7pm. The class was ready to be done. Austyn was not very willing to take photos :(
We are very blessed to have Father H with us. Every time we catch rumor of priests being moved around our diocese, I cringe at the thought of him possibly leaving. I think he may be with us for some time...and that is sincerely my hope! He does a great job with everything!
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