Tuesday, May 28, 2013

daily Smith fashion

Nash (almost 4 in this photo):
T: hand-me-down from Tayt from our adventure to NYC when Nash was 5 weeks old (I may have purchased it online after our trip... unsure)
Shorts: hand-me-down from Peyton and then Tayt (similar)
Kicks: his DC "new shoes" or "fast shoes" (depends on his mood) gift for his 3rd birthday from Casey &Jake

Daily Smith fashion posts have also taken a back burner to keeping up around the house. This isn't to say the photos haven't been taken. I just haven't sat down to put them on the blog. This was Nash's attire in the middle of January... in Central Wisconsin... I guarantee it was less than 30 degrees outside at the time of this photo. Crazy child. Good thing some weeks in the winter the only thing we leave the house for is Sunday morning mass :)
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