Tuesday, May 29, 2012

etsy Tuesday

This etsy edition is slightly jewelry heavy. *Not* sure why but I'm loving these necklaces, love lots of necklaces, AND find myself very rarely changing my necklaces... ugh. Nonetheless, I may have fallen in love with them...allllll of them!  ;)

Double Strand Silver Locket Necklace  (sold - but this one is $25)

Disclaimer: I have no fashion sense at all so anything posted on this blog... from here on out... I have not sought any professional (aka... my sistas) advice for. I'm sure their *gasping* in horror as they read this. BUT this looks comfy and the tighty pants I've been forced to wear repeatedly (sorry MEGAN!) would love it if my back side was covered with this top. :)

I know this says wedding pant suit... I knowwww I couldn't pull this off... but there was something about it that caught my eye. I also know I have NO idea where I would wear it.

I've been eyeing something like this up for quite some time... maybe even this exact pair. These are definitely on my list... someday. soon. *favorited*

Warning: THIS etsy shop... is rocking my world. Don't go there if you know what's good for your wallet ;) but go there because it's adorable. Another disclaimer... this was a random etsy shop find. I'm not being paid or given anything to send you that way. 

(Casey... adorable!) oh no... another and another ... I can't be stopped!
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