Thursday, November 17, 2011

Snickers bars

Here is a photo of the finished product from the pumpkin carving... oops... forgot to add this to that post :)

And then there was trick-or-treating. Thinking about all the candy they got makes me a little nauseous at the moment. We dumped the final ice cream pail into the candy drawer just yesterday. Nash doesn't stay out of it... darn kid! At least once a day I have to pry the remains of a wrapper out of his death grip. And then he dies in a heap on the kitchen floor. Rough life!

Anyway, we lucked out this year and the snow held off. The weather cooperated slightly and it was only slightly freezing warm enough so we walked house to house. Dave took Drew and sat at my Mom's... trooper... not. Ha! :)

the Smith clan
Jax Man (Mallory's little guy)
 Dave was so excited for trick-or-treating ;)
Nash the bumble bee
friends of ours with the pirate and the skunk :)
and this, folks, is the entire crew of grandkids... special (to say the least) :)

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