Monday, November 28, 2011

official toddler

So... this is happening...

Miss Drew has decided she'll just walk now. Little by little for the last month she has been taking steps. Then steps turned in to short bouts between the couch and the recliner. Then for the last couple weeks she stands up in the middle of the room. WHAT!?! Then she walks from the couch to the recliner to the wall to the stairs to the kitchen... And that turned in to this video... and now I'm going to cry myself to sleep because my baby... walks. Just teasing... but for real, where did the time go... completely amazes me!

Some things to ignore in this video:
* Tayt dominating his nose in the first few seconds
* Nash saying "mom look" repeatedly... I didn't notice until I uploaded the video... oops! pay attention MOM!
* Drew is still in her pj's... give me a break, it's Monday! ;)
* my man voice... yowza!
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