Monday, November 7, 2011

daily Smith fashion

I had an I don't care *what* you're wearing. As long as you have shoes on your feet, a shirt and pants on... get out of my house. I. am. leaving. afternoon. On the way out the door I made sure to get a photo of Austyn's choice of clothing for the trip. I don't remember where we went but I'm sure the general public was involved... She requested the chair be involved and carried it to our usual spot. She folded her legs just so. And she was absolutely confident in her fashion abilities. She may or may not be starting to resemble her mother...

Shirt: Hannah Montana hand-me-down from Lia
Skirt: Target Circo brand
Leggings: Target Circo brand
Sandals: ...sooo... I can't find these. I *think* they're from Target. Or Payless. Can't find them on either site ... who cares, they're cute. :)
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