Tuesday, December 21, 2010

part 2 - visitors!

I most look forward to those moments immediately following delivery with new baby, but after that my most favorite thing is seeing all the rest of my babies in the hospital. Sharing their new brother or sister is always so much fun. Although it is usually a short-lived visit because I am sooo tired and they are sooo excited, it is sooo worth it. ;)

Peyton (10-1/2)
Lia (8)
Austyn (5-1/2)
Tayt (almost 4!)
Nash (1-1/2)
the girls :)

Good friends of ours were due around the same time and her and I ended up in the hospital on the same day. Our babies were born almost exactly 12 hours apart. Drew and I got to visit with Archer in the hospital. She's a tiny, petite girl compared to this tank. I look forward to watching them grow up and comparing. :)

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