Wednesday, December 29, 2010

F is for failing (at blogging)

I may have successfully disappointed my 3 blog followers by failing to post in the last... holy crap, I'm not sure what day today is... checking phone... Wednesday, December 29... soooo failing to post for eight days... my bad. This morning I sat down to work on a blog entry but I've been interrupted a couple times - one Nerf bullet to the eye of a 5 year old, one stinky 1 year old, and a few squawks from a 2 week old. So now I'll try again...

The last 8 days have been beyond busy here at the Smith house. I'm not even sure where to begin... Christmas concerts, basketball games, sleeping, Christmas, presents, more sleeping, illness, more presents... and all of this ends with an incredibly messy house ;)

Let's start with the Christmas concerts.

Peyton and Lia attend the Catholic school here in town so their concerts are in our Church and significantly smaller than the public schools.
Austyn love, love, LOVES to sing so it was no surprise that she was beyondddd excited about her concert. I think the public kindergarten class probably has more kids than Peyton and Lia's entire school. :)
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