Wednesday, December 8, 2010

39-week craziness

I'm hoping the craziness at the end of this pregnancy will spare us from any craziness following this baby's arrival. Nash was born April 10, 2009 and we celebrated both his 1-week AND 2-week "birthdays" in the hospital. First, Austyn was dehydrated with possible bronchitis and Peyton followed that up a week later with a full blown pneumonia and was also dehydrated.

Now... while this present craziness is not as dramatic as that, it still throws everything out of whack around here... as if it already wasn't!

... As I was writing the above to post earlier this week, all craziness did in fact break loose and Tayt began a vicious cycle that has not ended quickly enough for me! Peyton and Lia had been sick over the weekend and starting to recover and I was hoping the illness had ended with the 2 of them. No such luck. Monday evening and all of Monday night included multiple trips to the bathroom, Austyn and Tayt sick, and Dave and I sick. It was a rough night! We've neverrrr all been sick at the same time, and it was simply unbelievable... to say the least.

Yesterday we ALL stayed home and rested. Lots of Sprite, 7-Up, Gatorade, saltines, chicken noodle soup, Lysol, and napping for everyone. I was SO happy this morning to send Dave off to work and the oldest 3 to school. Although it was a relatively quick illness for all of us, it felt like forever and sure has drained me. Fortunately, a baby is in the works in the next week for sure so I shouldn't feel quite so exhausted ... but then again... that's a lie.

Here I am before all the craziness began after my 39-week weigh in. Currently 2 cm dilated but no additional progress towards baby that I can attest to. Most likely my last appointment will be early next week. Keep checking in for more details! ;)
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