Tuesday, June 22, 2010

the "new" house - more

This photo shows half the yard from the far south corner of the lot. There is lots more! My Dad is excited for the kill ball games he can play in the field more south of this. Right in the middle of this photo is one of two apple trees that Jake and Dad are claiming from each other. Let the battle begin. :)

These are just a few photos of the finer details of the house. Almost all the interior doors in the house have these knobs which totally rock! The beautiful bright green marble coats the entry and bathroom while the tiled looking laminate is in the kitchen and dining room. The rest of the house has wood flooring which again I am in love with. We don't care to invest too much in this house but I wouldn't mind seeing the bright green marble flooring covered with something else. We'll see what the landlord has to say about that. :)
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