Wednesday, June 30, 2010

forever topic of conversation

Be it as it may, Dave and I will forever be asked "Are you done yet?" "Are you crazy?" "Are you retarded?" "How many are you having?" and on, and on, and on.... This series of questions never surprises me and occurs at any given time, pregnant or not. While I would love to put everyone's mind at ease, I don't have an answer. Answering that question would require that I know what the future holds... and I don't. No guarantees either way. I know this scares the hell out of a lot, a lot of our family and friends but... we are indeed "crazy" I guess. In all honesty, it scares me as well and ending the pregnancy days of my life would mean we're moving on to something else and that too scares me...whatever it may be.

Having said that... meet the latest addition to our family - Baby #6. I've had wayyyy better ultrasound shots than this one but... it'll do. In what looks like a moon there is a tiny head at the top and body underneath it. This was taken over 7 weeks ago in the beginning of the pregnancy when you can't really tell what things are... they tell me it's a baby. and there's only oneeeeee. Whew! My next ultrasound (with the good pictures) is at the end of July and we will not be finding out. (sorry Mom) :)

Due date: December 12, 2010
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