Monday, June 28, 2010

Madagascar Man

This past Saturday was a very busy day...softball tournament, golf outing for one of our friends who passed away a few years ago, and a birthday party/croquet 'tournament.'

I think last year was the first time Dave participated in the croquet and became 'Champion.' He thought it would be funny to make 2 shirts, "Backyard Croquet - 2009 Champion" and another "Backyard Croquet - 2010 Champion." He has been wearing the "2009 Champion" shirt everywhere and has been so excited about the second shirt that we could NOT miss this year's birthday party...even for softball!

While Dave is very much focused on the croquet, this little man is celebrating his birthday...
She wasn't sure about me :)
The photos that follow involve a lot of strategizing, focus, and sheer determination. No one was hurt during this intense game but tears may have been shed.
Congratulations to the new Champion!

... the winning shot!

We had lots of fun and got home way too late. (Thanks again for all the great food and company!) Naps were a must Sunday and there was little to no protest. Tayt was sleeping before I could get Nash to sleep! Looking forward to the next time we get everyone together. :)
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