Saturday, September 5, 2015

uncharted territory

other titles considered for this post:
if you need anything, check the office
The Office: The Point of No Return
the place that makes me cry every time I see it
company is here. quick! shut the door!
mom! I can't find my...   okay, I'll quit now ;)

where to begin. where to begin! I feel as though I've done this post before. Oh yes, I have... my office was clean in 2011 and then again 6 months later, still 2011. I'm quite convinced it hasn't been clean SINCE. don't judge.

side note: I'm reading this book currently, and I'm happy to report I'm sorta kinda almost thinking about cleaning 

back to the point. my office. I dread going in there. what was supposed to be the 'organization of our home' has quickly turned into the place we put everything that doesn't have a place. in this home, that's about everything you can imagine. beads. scissors. old folders. old bills. broken anything that I thought I'd fix but never will. you name it, it's in there. the worst part about it, I have a beautiful desk that I absolutely love and never use. some would question how much I actually love it then if I don't actually use it. I know, I know. I'm working on it. okay, I'm not really working on it. I'm living and thinking about working on it.

again. back to the point. my dream office space. I'm SO indecisive. I like so many things. I guess you could say I like the vintage look. I like color. I would love to be organized. and lastly, I'd love to have.less.crap.

someday when we build, I would *love* this room in our home. absolutely the best!

these vintage storage thingies are unique and colorful and everything I want but have no idea how to make work :|

this seems like a no brainer for our home. I might actually need to do this in the kitchen. keep the kids busy while I'm cooking. or any time really! 

bright. clean! those chairs. sold! I currently have a desk similar to the one in this photo. you can't see it. it's buried. but I know it's there ;)

our office space has a huge closet with no doors. I think something like this would be perfect for this spot!

mostly, I want my office space to be inviting. and relaxing. and clean! that'd be really cool. we're fortunate enough to have an office space solely for that purpose. we really should be taking advantage of it. and by we, I mean me. 

someday office goodies (click on photo to take you source):

I could browse all things office supplies forever. Pens. Notebooks. Journals. Pencils. Paper clips. Neat, old chairs. Neat, new chairs. Shelving. You name it. It's my my teenagers would say ;)

for those few of you not fortunate enough to have a designated space just for working, I was informed of these really neat shared office spaces via wework! let us go to Portland. bee-E-you-tee-full!!! Sarah, we're comin for ya!
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