Wednesday, September 2, 2015

ten. seven. five. three. one. all the tears.

unfortunately, I *still* haven't found a way to stop time. I'd even settle for time to ssslllooowww down! but alas, another school year has begun. 

in summers past, I haven't been ready for the kids to go back to school. this year... they were driving me bonkers the last couple   few weeks   month. goodness! I haddd to pack them up and head to our best neighbor evers pool a few times in the last few weeks in hopes of not locking them all in a room together and leaving!

and now as I sit here in the middle of the day. Will napping. girls snacking and watching Sophia. I miss them. it's quiet. too quiet. this is most likely preparation for the day when they're out of the house, but I don't like it one bit.

enough rambling. photos!

first, the 'school age kids.'

from left to right: 
Tayt (7) - 3rd grade
Lia (12) - 7th grade
Austyn (10) - 5th grade
Peyton (15) - 10th grade
Nash (6) - 1st grade
and now I'll cry myself to sleep for a nap instead of anything else that needs to be done around here :(

shockingly, I only took a total of 14 photos. and of course Dave drives by in the butcher truck just a honkin' at the kids. had to laugh at this one :)

get serious kids!

and then we added em all in :)

a couple things about this photo... Will may or may not have just nose dived into the gravel. finished drive way, yay!!! and Peyton may or may not be patting Tayt on the shoulder. nice and gentle. looks can be deceiving people. ;)

this one on the other hand, they are, in fact, being nice.

Drew (Rowdy) starts a 3yo preK program this year, twice a week, and she is *beyond* ready and excited to go. imagine the sheer terror.disappointment.sadness when I told her she was not riding the bus yesterday. or ever actually. glad I caught this photo before I broke the news to her.  :|

and this one just because. come on! none of my kids had curls like this!

we cleaned. we ate lunch. we did laundry. we played outside. we went to the park. we napped. we watched them get off the bus! not a bad first day at all :)

and I'm still sad today that they're all back to school :( wishing all of you and your kiddos a happy first week of school. if you have little ones at home, enjoy it! before you know it, they'll be gone!

for the record, Drew and Meg dressed themselves. a nice break from tutus, pjs, and yesterdays dirty clothes :)
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