Monday, August 31, 2015

junior varsity. junior peewee. repeat.

Football season has begun!

Mondays or Tuesdays we watch Peyton (our oldest - #20). Saturdays we watch Tayt (number four - #3). Peyton is on JV. Tayt is Jr Peewee. I'm very glad these games don't land on the same day(s). I'm not looking forward to divide and conquer!

We did the math and calculated Tayt is aboutttt 20 pounds heavier than Peyton was at this age. Game changer, folks. 

Tayt is doing a great job. He's not so sure. Proud mom. :)

and of course, his biggest fans keeping busy during his first game.

half of our tribe. well, except that little one on the right. he belongs to Casey. they're cute. and catching a genuine smile from Dave. love it!

Dave's pretty serious at these games. We don't talk much while watching ;)

again, serious.

that look!

he's really the best.

I know nothing about football, but I do feel as though my yelling during games will make them win. for sure. I'm quite certain Peyton agrees.

he's about to do something super important here. block... tackle... something maybe ;)

looking forward to lots and lotsss more football!
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