Monday, August 3, 2015

pizza. chicken fights. antiques. and all the chocolate you can handle.

Dave's sister, Renee, and her boyfriend recently purchased their first home. We've been wanting to go visit, but coordinating a time to go is nearly impossible. Schedule and being adults is difficult ;) we finally settled on two weekends ago. and the following Monday and Tuesday. 

Other than planning to bring food and drinks and when we would leave (kinda), we didn't plan to do anything while we were there but relax. And that's just what we did. Minus the 4-1/2 potty breaks to get there. Not one but twooo window shades in the house we need to replace. (still no confession on that one) aaand two wet accidents in the middle of the night. We may never be invited back...

Dave worked Saturday. I packed the van. Got everyone ready to go swimming to kill some time. Dave surprised me that we were leaving Saturday instead of Sunday. Scrambled to finish packing the van and be ready when he finished work. Success! the "quick" run into Target for... I can't remember what now. I'm sure it was extremely important... the run into Target, yes...didn't go so "quick." We weren't friends for a few miles. Oops. Meg was cool with it.

witnessed this amazing sunset on the way. I'm addicted to sunsets. and sunrises.

Will giving the tour.

We met the neighbors. Quickly stole all their toys. And then didn't see them again for the weekend. I'm sure they were busy working or something...

We didn't do much Sunday. Breakfast. Lunch. Park. Relax. Perfect day really.

I told him he was too big for the teeter totter, but he insisted.

rough life.

Dave has quite an imagination. He and Tayt are playing his new game. Chicken Fighting. on a balance beam. Imagine how that would end for a 4yo. She needs to work on her balance. ;)

of course, the adults had to try. Dave vs L (Renee's boyfriend). 1 to 1. I don't think either one of them wanted to demand a tie breaker for fear of hurting each other. fun to watch, regardless.

this is real life, folks.

before bed snack. one family package of oreos and a community glass of milk.

Monday we toured the city. Family walk. Antiques. Pottery shop. Pizza.

no, this is not staged. yes, he's in a time out. his fingers touched everything in the store. 

no, not staged. no, not in a time out. strangely enough.

walk. walk. walk.

hot. hot. hot. water. it was hot outside. and the water was hot. until they ran it for awhile.

matching scowls.




Nash and mini Nash.

worst selfie ever. shield your eyes from my awkward neck.

holding hands.

baby feet in the sand. my heart!

Dave's sister, Renee, and her boyfriend. probably laughing at my ridiculous kids. 

a baby in the sand again!

Will's most recent favorite game: chase me. Fun for all ages...

toddlers in the sand... okay, I'll quit ;)

Renee has only a couple inches on Lia. 

Tayt had some pretty awesome hair.

I thinkkk someone was over Will's game.

Monday night manicures in the front yard. Courtesy of Drew.

We ended the weekend by having a couple drinks on the town. I could probably count on one hand how often this happens in a year. Another terrible selfie opportunity ;) #myeverything

wait, we finished the weekend with this... our morning walk. alone. with chai from an adorable coffee shop downtown. loved!

I am seriously *in love* with all the old buildings in Lake Mills! so much character. and the photos don't do them justice.

we walked along the lake for a bit. glorious!

this building looked like it ate our entire house. this photo... just trust me when I say it was huge. gigantic. I'm not exaggerating.

oh brother, I was wrong. thisss was the last of our trip. and probably the most delicious. okay, second most delicious. because, honestly, baby feet in the sand. yeah.

so many options. so little time. we had pb melts, mint melts, coconut balls... and a milk chocolate truffle. Lia and I "shared." ;)

this took me a week to write. and post. goodness. but so, so fun! thanks again, Renee and L, for the wonderful weekend! looking forward to another visit :) IF you'll have us :|
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