Thursday, July 9, 2015

the threee best friends

reminiscing a bit here while going through some recent photos... bear with me... it's a long one!

these babies are only 3 days apart, and we started taking photos of them together almost immediately after Will was born. obviously, that's what coffee mornings should be all about. photos of baby cousins. together. daily. 

seven weeks after they were born, a third cousin was born. and then he was added to the mix as well. 

they're the threeee best friends that anyone.could.have ;)

Theo 9 days * Will 6 days
and he was already smarter. weird.

Theo 7 weeks 3 days * Johnathan 6 hours * Will 7 weeks
I think Will had his ABCs mastered when we took this photo...

fast forward 15 months. insert Casey crying. and they're old. and dirty. and sassy.
Will is still light years ahead academically. you can see it in his eyes... wait...

Will... the blinking... come on!

both of them looking. easy enough. ha. don't be fooled. twenty-eightttt photos were taken.

Meg passing out kisses. Theo denying.

no, thank you.

stiff arm.  Theo: siblings. shakes her head.

at least he's not biting her...

this is boring Theo.

she's outta here.

and then there were threeeee. Will looking brilliant. as usual.
Theo 13 months * Will 3 days shy of 13 months * John 7 weeks less than Will... oh, whatever... you do the math ;)

best of 16 taken.

Theo nailed it. John's confused. which camera again...

nope. this camera. right here, guys. guys?

Will's confused. Theo's most definitely perfecting her pig squeal.

Will thinks this whole situation is dumb.

They're all over it.

here's where it gets ugly.

John's the naughty one. and the weakest link. 

he may have been kicked out of the village.
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