Tuesday, July 7, 2015


I'm in denial that July has started. where is the summer going!?! we had a wonderful weekend. we ran so much I barely took my camera out of my bag. probably an indication we were enjoying ourselves :)

playing a little catch up. because I love a good comparison, here are a few photos from the kids first day of school. Nash did not attend a 4k program so he was *beyond* excited to go to kindergarten with the big kids. I wish I could tell you his first few days went as well as his face would suggest. there was screaming. and crying. and it was downright ugly from what I hear. the kids attend a small Catholic school here in town so the teachers and staff know the kids pretty well. he spent a couple days real close to one of the teachers and after that was right at home :)
Nash in front of Tayt.  Austyn.  Lia holding Meg.  Drew.  Peyton holding Will.

just the school kids

Rowdy's hair! Willlll!!!! 
{all the tears}

and now the 'current' photos... the whole crew on the last day of school :)
Meg.  Drew.  Nash in front of Tayt.  Lia.  Austyn.  Peyton holding Will.

well, this just isn't fair.

and then we added in my nephew, Luke, because why not ;)

and of course, a comparison to make me cry myself to sleep :(
threw you off with Peyton's choice of hoodie. his favorite I guess.

grades entering:
Peyton: sophomore
Lia: 7th
Austyn: 5th
Tayt: 3rd
Nash: 1st

andddd Drew is entering a private 4k program here in town. while I didn't send Nash because I didn't think he was ready, Rowdy... she's beyond ready to go. that girl has nnnooo problems leaving me :(

I will never wish these years away. I only wish time would slow down. My once baby is now a sophomore. Signed up for drivers ed this summer. DIS.BE.LEAF! They're sure quite the bunch. And I wouldn't change a thing. My only prayer is we continue to live a long, happy, healthy life together!

okay, that got a little deep... no apologies. they're worth it!
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