Friday, May 8, 2015


we're definitely ready for it... spring!
60 degrees - we're outside. sunnn - we're outside.

this particular Saturday, Dave was working so after a long morning, the kids and I took a walk to the back woods. they love it down there and could probably spend all day down there!

before we walked, Austyn played with my camera. best thing ever. proof that I'm a real person, not just someone behind the camera all the time. thanks Austyn ;)

almost all the big ones have mastered tight rope walking this log :)

infamous log

while the air was warm. the water was still pretty frigid.

Nash hasn't quite mastered walking the log ;)

the walk back home was a bit of a challenge. the front tire on the stroller was flat and Meg sitting on the front only made it more flat. at one point I was carrying Drew on my shoulders and pushing the cart. goodness. but her face. perfection.

and then they all had bathes :)

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