Wednesday, May 20, 2015

safety goggle tight

Any chance we get, we like to visit our good friends. Usually they come to our house. Occasionally we go to them. but Saturday we had an excuse to go to them, ssssooo.... 

road trip!!!
and I made those two words sound *really* fun, didn't I. ha! this particular road trip included "Where are we going?" and "When will we be there?" abouttt 5 times and 5 potty breaks before we were 10.4 miles into the trip. oh and we came home with 7 pr of safety goggles and 3 wood ticks. 
fun times! ;) 
we make it through by laughing. 
a lot.

first, a stop at E's work place. free food. a tour. beautiful weather!
safety goggles required for all!

 Drew * Ty * Meg * Nash

some laser machine-y thingy ;)

no potty in sight

after the food and tour, we headed back to their home where we played outside and celebrated baby E's first birthday. 

perfect weather. wonderful company. looking forward to our annual trip to their home in June for camping and more birthday celebrations! between the two families, we have 13 (yes, thirteen!) children so we're always eating cake ;)

baby E is ONE!
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