Monday, April 20, 2015

recently enjoyed things

April is a busy month here. I'm using that as an excuse for why I inadvertently missed one of the children for 14/52 and will be completely skipping that week. Oops! Instead, I'll post some photos from our Sunday celebration of a few birthdays. I'm also behind on posting Will's first birthday. I'm in denial ;)

 the birthday boys. Jax 5 on the 7th. Nash 6 on the 10th. and Peyton 15 on the 12th!

Casey + Theo

first warm day of the spring means water balloons!

and baseball

tops optional ;)

the beginning of the water balloon fight :)

why not burn a couch. not strange at all.
yes, he's sitting on it while it burns...all hillbilly ;)

been awhile since we've gotten a sister pic :)

creepy oldest children

the boy who started it all :)

snow swapped for dirty faces. I'll take it!

and last but not least, the belly made an appearance!
Dave's cousins wife is expecting their first, and we're *beyond* excited!

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