Wednesday, March 19, 2014

ready for spring (and summer)

Part of last week and the entire week before that we were hit with the bug I thought we had missed this winter/spring season. I would rather deal with stuffy and runny noses and coughs than the flu bug, hands down. Butttt we weren't so lucky. Some of us were 'lucky' enough to go through all the symptoms twice… not as fun as it sounds!
The house was stocked tight with disinfectant wipes, random buckets, paper towel, Gatorade, water, popsicles…  you name it, we had it. While it was a quick 12 to 24 hour bug, by the time it made it through everyone (yes, alllllll nine of us), we were at almost 2 weeks. Being pregnant and sick, I was SO done with all of it by the time my second turn came around. 

All that to say, we are extremely ready for spring. The weather is gradually increasing in warmth… slowly, very slowly… I can't wait until popsicles can be enjoyed outside in just diapers and the hot sun!
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