Sunday, March 2, 2014

etsy Sunday

Finally feeling caught up around here (somehow), but now we're dealing with a sick Drew. Since she's spent most of the day on the couch sleeping, I figured I'd take advantage and get some blogging time in. And since we're pretty boring around here, why not do a little etsy browsing… or catching up… so here goes!

I love any kind of wooden rattle/toy for the kiddos. Just so darn cute! and rumor is, I'm having another baby…  ;)

Casey picked up a terrarium at a small shop that just recently opened near our hometown, and I love it. Either hanging or just sitting on the table… well, maybe not the table… Meg thinks that's here home… BUT somewhere in this house I would love to have one!

I am forever in love with this style tote bag.  *sigh*

My guess is these are extremely easy/light on the earlobes. And super cute to boot!

I think just about everyone I talk to is longing for spring… myself included. Wishing I was wearing this right now. My wardrobe is quickly becoming nonexistent in these last few weeks of pregnancy. This looks super comfy! 

I've been searching on and off for a watch to wear semi-permanently. I would like one with military time for ambulance calls (I guess I'll need to perfect my military time… easy you say, just add 12… well, when you're in the back of an ambulance in complete chaos, sometimes adding a 12 is another crazy number that just isn't.gonna.happen! so having military time would just help my brain that much more… or not. ha!), and it would also need a secondhand on it for timing important things  ;) of course this is a 'man' watch. I seem to be an expert in picking out masculine things… I've never been very lady like… 
*insert-I'm not a boyyyy!*

Now who doesn't love an Eames chair of any kind. Too bad they're crazy expensive! A couple years ago I found one similar to this one at an estate sale for 1$… granted, I'm not convinced it is an *official* Eames chair but it's pretty neat nonetheless. We take all of Homer's monthly photos in it. Love it!

I want a piece of jewelry with the kids' initials on it. I'm still not sure what, probably a necklace of some sort. But at the same time maybe not, I don't take my jewelry off very often. Regardless, I love these tiny, simple necklaces with just their first initial possibly :)

Now off to feed the animals. Hoping everyone is staying warm and healthy! and hoping for spring soon   :)
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