Friday, February 24, 2012

daily Smith fashion

I warned you this little lady would be featured here frequently... and here she goes again being completely adorable :) for those of you who visit this blog often, she likes these pants, booties, and headband so apologies for the repeat ;)

A request has been made to see some of Nash featured on the daily Smith fashion. I'm working on it. The thing is... he's a boy and cares less about fashion than his mother... oh and the other little thing... he doesn't like to stay in one spot. ever. these may be action daily shots...

Drew (1):
Shirt & Pants: gift from Grandma Z from H&M
Booties: hand-me-downs from Lia (&Austyn)
Headband: upatreecupateaco and now that she has a little hair, she would rock these as well ;)
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