Sunday, February 5, 2012

daily Smith fashion

Maybe I'm *that* mother who thinks her children are adorable, but come onnnnn... Drew is beyond cute. Then she throws in this sweet personality with a touch of attitude, and you get a new longing for peek-a-boo... gets me every time!

She may be a little like Austyn. She thinks standing in front of the chalkboard is the funniest ever. And almost puts on a show!

Also note... she was happy with the pony only while she had forgotten it was there. Putting it in and taking it out... that's another story!

Drew (1):
Pants: thrifted Old Navy (seriously look brand new! &that link isn't the exact pair... I think they're "last years")
Sweater: gifted Target from Aunt Casey ... passing on her festive sweater tradition
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