Wednesday, February 1, 2012

daily Smith fashion

Miss Drew doesn't make it on the daily Smith fashion very often, and I'm not sure why because she's so darn cute! Her last appearance was almost 4 months ago... wow. oops. With that said, I know the next 2 are of her because she's been dressing so stylish lately ;)

Drew (almost 14 months):
Shirt: my new love Barley & Birch (and of course she needed the adorable teether!)
Pants: Christmas gift from Grandma Z from H&M (can't find the exact ones)
Booties: hand-me-downs from Lia (&Austyn) ... the other girls never wore. not sure why. they're amazing!
Headband: another new love upatreecupateaco (Drew's is 'emerald' &it's SO cute!)

Note: I was not asked to promote any of these products. With that said, I love these new finds (Barley & Birch and upatreecupateaco). If you have any pregnant moms, new babies, infants, toddlers, children in your life, these would be excellent gifts. And who doesn't love supporting 'small businesses'!?! DO IT ;)
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