Saturday, December 10, 2011

December 10, 2010

Drew baby, Drew baby, Drew baby... you just never know what personality these children will have. I assumed... yes, assumed... our sixth child would be quiet and calm and peaceful and quiet... why would I assume such a thing!?! We called Tayt The Beast and Nash quickly dethroned him... There's NO possible way to top The Beast... is there!? God plays silly tricks... shame on me for expecting or thinking otherwise... This little girl may very well be the lady version of The Beast. She has grown quite hilarious. has a short temper. is very determined. and is SO full of attitude. And I absolutely LOVE it. She fits right in, as we knew she would, and makes us laugh and smile just as much as all the rest. Man... we are seriously blessed!

Happy *First* Birthday Baby Drew!

You fit right in and have made sure you're spot in this family is quite clear... we love you so much!
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