Thursday, October 6, 2011

all things green and gold

What is today? Thursday... Oc-freaking-tober... okay... I'm behind. Yet again. Story of my life. ANY way... Peyton and Lia started football and cheerleading in August. Yes... TWO MONTHS ago. We've been busy... give me a break ;)

I honestly think Lia only started the cheerleading because she wasn't quite sure she could handle playing football. She did mention wanting to play football but then she must have thought again...quickly. And Peyton of course is in love with anything involving a ball. He is pure Dave Smith repeat. Hands down.

Lia  (8-1/2)
Peyton's usual face                                       serious Peyton (11)

The child seldom wears pants of any sort when the temperature is above 60. No lie. It takes time. Time we lack.

2011 CUDA

Lia is in the middle row. Second from this end... one pony tail... blue ankle bracelet... see her?
Fitty. Fohr. P. Dog. Smith.
Peyton - on the right... hands on his knees... black sleeves... he's ready!
Lia - on the right... wish I remembered what cheer this was because all I can think of is Genie in a Bottle... I'm a genie in a bottle, baby. Gotta rub me the right way...
Peyton - on the left... hands on knees again :)
paparazzi Pigg
I apologize in advance if this video makes you want to puke. I think Nash was in my lap...wanting to see or something. I need to work on my video skills.

Lia does a fantastic job keeping beat. She gets that from her mother. And anyone who knows Dave will attest to that. Two words. Running man. Yeah. His mad skills in dancing are lacking. I won't judge...

There are 2 games left for the kids. This Saturday is supposed to be beautiful. 60. and we're looking forward to it. That also means the last game will be 30. Because that's how Wisconsin rolls. Right to the gut. Love, Wisconsin.
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